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Valor is one of the Essential Oils that I use the most. If I wake feeling less than myself, I dab some on my wrists, back of my neck or bottom of my feet to reconnect with my personal power. It helps me feel confident and strong especially when I am about to embark on something I feel anxious about, like a presentation or a long drive. Take a look at the information below and see if Valor is right for you. 

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Valor and Valor Roll on by Young Living Essential Oils, Fran Asaro

Did you know?

Valor is one of the original blends formulated by Founder D. Gary Young, and the roll-on makes it easy to take this member favorite on the go! Each essential oil in the blend was carefully selected for its unique aromatic and topical benefits: Frankincense for its uplifting, earthy aroma and skin-smoothing properties; Black Spruce for its grounding, woodsy fragrance; Blue Tansy for its inspiring aromatic profile; Geranium for its sweet, floral aroma; and Camphor Wood for its skin-benefiting properties and strong, herbaceous scent.

This powerful, synergistic blend with a transformative aroma has contributed to its legacy in Young Living’s proprietary Raindrop Technique®. Emulate the relaxation of the Raindrop Technique when you’re out and about by using your Valor Roll-On!

Valor roll on by Young Living

Valor Roll-on Uses

Practical Uses

Apply Valor Roll-On in the morning to jump-start a busy day.

Wear it as a bold, inspiring personal fragrance to encourage confidence.

Refresh the benefits of Valor throughout the day by reapplying the roll-on to your neck, chest, hands, and wrists.

Inhale it deeply before conquering a tough meeting or starting a tricky project.

Valor Essential Oils Young living

Benefits & Features

Valor Roll-On

Has a woodsy and invigorating aroma that inspires courage

Creates a grounding environment when applied topically before yoga and meditation

Enhances massages for a rejuvenating experience

Young Living roll on Essential Oils, Valor, Deep relief, tranquil, breathe again, stress away

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