The Day I Stopped Sharing About Young Living Essential Oils

Why you rarely hear me speak publicly about Young Living Essential Oils

A few years ago, everything was going so well. Then suddenly I stopped having weekly webinars; teaching others about Essential Oils. I stopped having home introductions demonstrating the benefits oils provide. I stopped setting up tables at expos for myself and my team members. I stopped building my team, which was growing by leaps and bounds. I stopped the vision I had to build a future around Young Living.

A Very Personal Story

I am going to share a very personal story with you hoping it will stop you from making the same mistakes…hoping you won’t do what I did. 

What changed? Why the sudden cutting of the cord on what I loved so much? Well, first let me tell you how I began using Young Living.

Falling in Love with Young Living

It was 1994. And considering that I was divorced just a few months, it was a lovely gesture when my ex-husband gifted me my first Young Living starter kit. He bought them from a mutual friend of ours to support her new business. He could have given them to anyone, but he gave them to me. Just one more way he changed my life in a positive way. I knew very little about these oils, yet, for some inexplicable reason, I LOVED them. I actually cherished them. so much so that I rarely used them because I wanted them to last. They stayed by my bedside… these ‘special’ oils. I kept them in their original pink box and took them with me when I traveled.

Fast forward several years. I found myself with a heightened interest in essential oils. I became a Young Living member and began buying oils on a regular basis. I couldn’t get enough. I kept reading about all the amazing benefits of the oils and built up my own little apothecary cabinet. At first, it was all for personal use. I began experimenting and finding solutions to whatever ailed me. It was fun and I was so happy to have natural solutions to my needs.

Eventually, a lightbulb went off in my head about building a Young Living business. Since I am a business coach, I felt I could teach others to build a business with a purpose using Young Living Essential Oils. It was a perfect fit! I was so passionate about my oils that others could feel it. I shared about them to my heart's content. I felt like a magnet when it came to attracting customers and business builders. My team grew to a large number in just a few months and I was earning a decent income right away. Life was good.

When Everything Changed

Then one day it all came to a halt. The day the rules changed about sharing the ‘power’ of essential oils. I was no longer able to share the reasons I loved the oils. I was no longer able to offer alternative suggestions for wellness. I was supposed to harness my passion and deliver it in a censored fashion. My heart sank. For some, there was only an awkward period adjusting to the new protocol. For me, it shut down the reason I chose to be a Young Living distributor - to share wellness options with others.

You might be saying.. ‘but there are so many other ways to share about the oils.’ I agree. I could have shifted to do so many other aspects of the business. I could have had DIY parties and shown people how to use oils in many areas of their lives. I LOVE those people who do that. But it wasn’t me.

You might be saying, ‘but you could have shared other Young Living Products, such as the non-toxic cleaners and supplements’. I did share them, but once again, it was not the ‘thing’ that I was passionate about. I lost that. 

Some learned how to share about the oils in the correct manner. I resisted. I felt like I knew too much to just say… 'try this. It supports wellness or it’s invigorating.'  MY oils – the ones that changed my life, are so much more than that and I couldn’t tell anyone. I am even hesitant to share about how they changed my life in this article.

It Took Time to Recover

I consider myself very resilient and help others through transitional phases of their own lives. With this, however, I grieved, I resisted, I withdrew. And while I did all that, I continued at a snail’s pace to share appropriate material in my  Thriving With Oils Facebook Group and Write my  ‘legal’ blogs, all the while, continuing to build my bedside as well as my household supply of oils that I use for anything and everything. They are still my first ‘go to’.

I Made The Shift

Since all the changes, I have slowly come back. I have shifted my efforts. I am still wildly and enthusiastically PASSIONATE about Young Living products and I am PASSIONATE about building online businesses, so that’s what I do. I work with those who want to learn to build their Young Living business in that fashion. While I still have to hold my tongue about what I know, I can still make sure others have the opportunity to learn, feel better and make money. It’s a great fit.

My Advice to You

So, if you are reading this and wondering why I wrote about this…. well, first of all because some people may need to know my story and it may help them come to terms with change and transition. Also, and most importantly, if you are considering becoming a Young Living Distributor or member, I want to encourage you to jump in. Their products are so off the charts amazing. Find a way to use them… read about them wherever you can find the data. Become informed. You may not be able to share everything you learn, but you will learn for yourself. Don’t deprive yourself of knowing the benefits. Don’t accept morsels of wisdom when there is so much to know. And for goodness sakes, find some way that you can put Young Living products in the hands of others and share what you can. They will be eternally grateful for you one day as I am for that starter kit that changed my world 24 years ago!

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